Videoloupe Support

Sorry to hear that you might be having problems with Videoloupe. We try our best to make sure that Videoloupe meets or exceeds your expectations, but sometimes we fall short.

For any questions not related to billing, please email us using the link below. If you're experiencing a crash while using Videoloupe or a feature is not working as described, please provide as much detail as possible so that we can better diagnose the problem.

We read every support request we get and we'll make sure to get back to you in a timely manner if a reply is needed.


Refunds & Billing Issues

For general billing questions, or for help with making a purchase or obtaining a refund, please contact Apple directly. Unfortunately, we do not have any ability to answer billing questions or offer refunds ourselves. If you're unable to resolve the issue with Apple, please let us know via our support email address so that we're at least aware of the problem.

Visit: Apple Mac App Store Support Page

General Feedback

If you would like to leave us some general feedback, suggestions for new ideas or just want to say 'Hi', then please send an email using the feedback link below. We love hearing what Videoloupe users (or potential Videoloupe users) are thinking, so please don't hesitate to contact us.