1.1 - Can I try Videoloupe for free before purchasing it?


Click on the “Download” button in the header at the top of this page. That will download a fully functional copy of Videoloupe that you can use for 14 days. After 14 days have elapsed, a valid license will be required which you can purchase using the “Buy Now” button.

1.2 - Is the "trial" version the same as the "full" version?

Yes. There is no difference between the “trial” version of Videoloupe and the “full version”. There is only one version of Videoloupe that can be downloaded by clicking on the “Download” buttons on this website.

When a copy of Videoloupe does not have a license registered with it, then it will work for up to 14 days as a fully functional trial copy. After the 14 days have elapsed, a valid license will be required to continue using Videoloupe.

1.3 - Do I need to download a different version after purchasing a license?


After you have purchased a license for Videoloupe, you should have received an email from FastSpring with the license key in it. Enter that license key into the version of Videoloupe that you’ve already downloaded. (Or use the “Download” button above to download Videoloupe again.) Once you have registered your new license key in the app there is nothing else to do.


2.1 - Do you offer educational discounts?


A 30% discount is offered to any current student or faculty member at an educational institution. To receive your discount, please contact support with the following proof of eligibility:

  • A scanned copy of your valid school ID.
  • Enrollment proof for the current semester or year.

Educational discounts are considered on a case-by-case basis and educational licenses can only be installed on a single computer at a time.

2.2 - Do you offer volume discounts?


A volume discount will be automatically applied when you purchase two or more copies of a Videoloupe license at once. The amount of the discount depends on the number of copies being purchased. The volume discount is only available at the time of purchase and cannot be retroactively applied at a later date.

  • 2-4 copies receive 10% off
  • 5-9 copies receive 20% off
  • 10+ copies receive 25% off

Volume discounts cannot be combined with an educational discount.

2.3 - Do you offer promotional copies?


If you have an active social media following, regularly teach courses offline or just feel that you’re a pretty influencial person in the video community, then please email to discuss getting some free copies of Videoloupe to share with others.

An “active social media following” tends to start around 1,000 followers…

2.4 - Can you send me the original invoice again?

The original invoice would have been emailed to you when you purchased a Videoloupe license. The sender of that email would have been “FastSpring Checkout -”.

If you can’t find that email and need the original invoice sent to you again, please contact support. When contacting support, be sure to include as much information as possibe: Email address, full name and company information used when the order was originally placed. If you have a rough idea of the date when you made the original purchase, that would be helpful as well.

Contact Support:

Searching for orders is currently a manual process, your patience is appreciated.

2.5 - Can I request a refund?


Requests for a refund made within 14 days of purchase will generally be granted. Requests for a refund made more than 14 days after the original purchase date will be considered on a case-by-case basis. To request a refund, please contact support and provide as much detail as possible regarding the reason for the refund.



3.1 - Does Videoloupe replace editors like iMovie or Final Cut Pro?

No, not really.

Applications like iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier are timeline based editors. Videoloupe does not have a timeline, nor is it designed for arranging multiple videos into a single composition. Instead, Videoloupe’s feature set focuses on playback and basic editing that can be done on a single video without the need for a timeline or project.

3.2 - Can Videoloupe create slideshows?


You can use Videoloupe to easily export a sequence of frames from a video and save them as images, but you’ll need to use a third-party application for combining those images into a slideshow.

3.3 - Can Videoloupe import a sequence of images?

No, not yet.

We’re aware that many people would want the ability to combine a sequence of images into a single movie file, but Videoloupe is not yet capable of doing this. While this feature is relatively high on Videoloupe’s roadmap, as of this writing there is no timetable for when it might be added.

3.4 - Can Videoloupe export a sequence of frames as images?


Videoloupe has extensive support for exporting frames from a video and saving them as images. You can export a single frame at a time or export a batch of frames all at once. There’s also a ‘Quick Export’ option that lets you export frames during live playback. Exported frames can be saved as JPEG or TIFF files.

3.5 - Can Videoloupe export a video without re-encoding it?

Yes, sometimes.

If you only wish to trim a video or remove the audio track, then Videoloupe can export an MP4 file without re-encoding it. This will dramatically decrease the time it takes to export a video. However, if you wish to apply any adjustments to the video, then the video will have to be re-encoded. To export a video without re-encoding it, select the “Passthrough” option when configuring export options.

3.6 - Can Videoloupe export or convert videos to Apple's ProRes format?


Videos can be exported to Apple’s ProRes 422 format. Audio will be converted to LPCM format. You can learn more about Apple’s ProRes codec on their support website: About Apple ProRes.


4.1 - How many machines can I install Videoloupe on?


Unless otherwise stated, each Videoloupe license can be registered on up to three different machines that all have the same primary user. This includes, for example, a work computer, a home computer and a laptop. A home computer used by multiple family members only requires a single license. Unused activations should not be shared with others. If you have a need for more than three activations, please contact support.

4.2 - Do I have to pay for updates to Videoloupe?

Yes, No, Maybe.

Unless otherwise stated, your Videoloupe license is valid for a single major version of Videoloupe and any minor versions associated with that major version. If you purchased a license for “Videloupe 1.x” then your license is valid for all “1.x.x” versions only.

When a new major version of Videoloupe is released a new license may be required. Existing users will be able to upgrade at a discounted rate off the full price. Users who purchased a license within a reasonably close time to when a new major version is released will receive a license to the new major version free of charge. The exact length of the grace period has not yet been determined but we’ll do our best to make it as fair as possible.

4.3 - Does my license ever expire?

No. Unless otherwise stated, your Videoloupe license does not expire.

However, each license is associated with a specific major version of Videoloupe. When a new major version of Videoloupe is released, then your license may not work with the newer version. Your license will continue to work with older versions of Videoloupe and we’ll do our best to continue to make older versions of Videoloupe available for download. Older versions of Videoloupe will not receive updates or bug fixes and compatibility with newer releases of macOS is not guaranteed.

4.4 - Help, I've forgotten my license key.

Your license key should have been sent to you in an email when you originally purchased it. The email would have been sent from “FastSpring Checkout -”. If you’re unable to locate that email, then please contact support for assistance in recovering your license.

When contacting support, be sure to include as much information as possibe: Email address, full name and company information used when the order was originally place. If you have a rough idea of the date when you made the original purchase, that would be helpful as well.

Contact Support:

Searching for orders is currently a manual process, your patience is appreciated.

Mac App Store

5.1 - Is Videoloupe available on the Mac App Store?

Yes. Videoloupe is available on the Mac App Store. As of October 2018, the Mac App Store version and the direct-purchase version are identical and are the same price. While we have no plans to change that, please be aware that restrictions with the Mac App Store might cause issues with feature parity, pricing and upgrade options in future versions of Videoloupe.

Visit Mac App Store


6.1 - What are Videoloupe's system requirements?
  • macOS 10.12 “Sierra” or higher.
  • 5MB of disk space.

Note that playback performance is heavily dependent on video codec and computing hardware.

6.2 - What video codecs does Videoloupe support?

QuickTime (.MOV) and MPEG-4 (.MP4).

Videoloupe is built using Apple’s AVFoundation media framework and only supports file types and video codecs that are natively supported by macOS.

Common formats that are not supported include: AVCHD, AVI, MTS, MXF, VOB and any “project file” belonging to another application. Support for these or any other format is dependent on Apple adding such support to macOS. There are no plans to include third-party libraries or to independently add support for additional codecs.

Please download Videoloupe to test if your videos are supported.

6.3 - Is Videoloupe available for Windows or Linux?

No. There is no version of Videoloupe that runs on any version of Windows, Linux or any other operating system other than macOS. There are no plans to support any other operating system, sorry.

6.4 - Is Videoloupe available for iOS?

No. There is no version of Videoloupe that runs on iOS and there are no plans at the moment to create one. Videoloupe is a desktop application that requires macOS.

Contact Us

7.1 - How do I report a bug or problem with Videoloupe?

The best way to report a bug is to use Videoloupe’s built-in bug reporting tool.

To open the built-in bug reporting tool, select “Report a bug…” from the “Help” menu in Videoloupe’s main menu bar, which is across the top of the screen. A dialog box will appear allowing you to provide details about the bug you’re reporting. Please provide as much information and context as possible. If you provide a valid email address, then we might follow-up with you for additional information.

If you’d prefer to file a bug using email, or the built-in bug reporting tool is not working, then please send your report or feedback to

7.2 - How can I contact you?

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback regarding Videoloupe, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the most appropriate method listed below. We read every message we receive and will attempt to respond as quickly as possible if a follow-up is required.

General Feedback:

Twitter: @videoloupe
Home Page:

7.3 - Do you offer support by telephone?

No, sorry.

Email is the preferred method for contacting us. If you’ve already sent an email and feel like you should have received a response but haven’t received one after a reasonable period of time, then please feel free to send a follow-up email.

7.4 - Who's behind all this?

Corduroy Code Inc. is the company behind Videoloupe for Mac and Fileloupe for Mac. Corduroy Code Inc. is a privately owned business that is registered in British Columbia, Canada.

Kenny Carruthers is the founder, developer, designer and support team for both Videoloupe and Fileloupe. An immeasurable amount of gratitude and appreciation is extended to customers, friends, and in particular family, for their tremendous support and ongoing encouragement.

Thank you